IG1316 TechCo Organizational Design v1.0.0

TechCo Organization Design (TCOD) informational guide is one of a series of foundational documents produced by TM Forum’s People and Planet members projects. The TCOD project intends to provide Communication Service Providers (CSP) with the information, guidance, and tools they will need to successfully transform their organization, culture, and talent to allow their businesses to benefit from new digital technologies fully.

Digital transformation is commonly accepted as essential for the future business success of CSPs, but many highlight organization and culture as key barriers preventing them from successfully becoming a “TechCo.” Currently, there is very little support available to CSPs in this area, so this project stream aims to address this by creating and delivering a series of tools and frameworks to help CSPs successfully handle digital transformation’s “people” aspects. Some proposed deliverables are introduced in this IG to stimulate the team’s thinking and act as a foundation for the project team’s future work.

General Information

Document series: IG1316
Document version: 1.0.0
Status: Member Evaluated
Document type: Introductory Guide
Team approved: 13-Apr-2023
IPR mode: RAND
Published on: 14-Apr-2023
Date modified: 15-May-2023