IG1344 Business Capabilities from Telco to Techco v1.0.0

Changing a company’s culture from a telco to an innovative, tech-focused one is hard. It requires a company-wide change in mindset and approach. New technologies and business models often require new skills. Telcos may struggle to recruit, retain, and upskill talent for ‘Techco’ transformation. Transitions require talent and skill bridges.

Techco operations are agile and digital, but telcos have complicated legacy infrastructure and systems. Modernizing legacy systems and integrating new technologies takes time and effort. Telcos are heavily regulated. Techco transformations can struggle to comply with regulations and adopt new technologies and business models.

Rapid innovation and disruptive players make the technology industry competitive. Telcos are becoming ‘Techco’s must compete with tech giants and digital startups. It’s hard to stand out. Customer expectations in technology are changing rapidly. Customers expect seamless digital experiences, personalized services, and cutting-edge products. Telcos must meet customer expectations to stay competitive.

The telco-to-Techco strategic transformation requires a clear vision, well-defined strategies, and effective execution plans. It involves strategic product/service, partnership, investment, and market positioning decisions. Aligning the organization and stakeholders around a new vision takes time.

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