TMF404 Information Agreement Template v3.8

The TMF404 Information Agreement template is packaged within a single zip file titled

This zip file contains 2 documents:

  • The first is TMF404_IA_Template__Instructions_V#-#, which is the guide or instruction part of the template explaining how and when to use the template. It also contains a document history of changes to the template.
  • The second document is TMF404_IA_Template_V#-#, which is  the actual template to be used. This should be populated with the content of the actual Information Agreement being produced, and headers/footers/titles/etc should be filled in appropriately.

TM Forum Information Agreements (IA) are specifications that provide protocol neutral and technology independent object models (documented in UML) in support of requirements defined in TM Forum™ Business Agreements. TM Forum methodology requires use of UML to ensure as much future re-usability as possible. Information Agreements provide the UML Information Model that address a specific business problem or overall requirement.

The Information Agreement template can and should be used to make certain that the needed sections are provided, and that the format conforms to the TM Forum standard.

General Information

Document series: TMF404
Document version: 3.8
Document type: Template
Date modified: 13-Feb-2017