Composable IT & Ecosystems

Stay agile with a plug & play ecosystem

The benefit…

Telco ecosystems, technical architectures and operations have become incredibly complex and cumbersome. Simplifying them enables more agility, flexibility and velocity, which will drive better experiences, profitability and growth.

We deliver…

TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA) is a blueprint for the transformation of telecoms IT and networks, created by our members for the industry. ODA helps telco businesses become more nimble by enabling composable systems and processes - component parts built by the telco and ecosystem partners, connected with Open APIs, plug & play style. It means telcos can add/remove components and capabilities as technology evolves without escalating costs. Composable IT & ecosystems are the cornerstone of a modern-day telco, with the simplicity, automation and modernization required to reduce costs and drive growth.
Open Digital Architecture


ODA is peerless - more than a dozen of the world’s largest telcos are ‘Running on ODA’ serving over a billion customers. Major vendors are either ‘Ready for ODA’, or working towards certification. ODA canvases, supported by AWS, Google & Microsoft, provide an easily-accessible platform on which any telco can deploy plug-and-play software components.