GB979 Big Data Analytics Solution Suite R15.5.1

This fifth release of the Big Data Analytics Solution Suite continues to build on the foundation of GB979, which defines out a reference model, use cases, business value roadmap, building blocks and the analytics big data repository for big data analytics. 

In Release 15.5.1, the following is added to the Solution Suite: 

  • GB979 Big Data Analytics Guidebook R15.5.1:  It is the hope of the Big Data Analytics Project group that this guidebook will help CEPs to answer both the “why” in Big Data Analytics for communications but also start to answer the “how” value can be realized using these techniques.  A substantially enhanced maturity model which amplifies on the levels of maturity and also expands on the dimensions for each of the levels is part of this release.
  • GB979A Big Data Analytics Use Cases R15.5.1 provides a broad overview of the different big data analytics use cases that can be implemented in the CSP’s business. The classification of the use cases has been restructured to align more closely with the recently updated Business Process Framework (eTOM) level 0 processes. Accordingly, a new nomenclature has been established for each use case. In addition, some of the use cases have been additionally classified as belonging to the customer experience management area. Fourteen new use cases have been added including nine new data monetization use cases.
  • GB979B Big Data Analytics Building Blocks R13.5.0 zooms in across all of the use cases defined in GB979A and identifies a suite of building blocks that are needed to realize one or more of these use cases.
  • GB979C Big Data Analytics Privacy Risk Score Details R15.5.1 provides details of the risk scoring for the Big Data Analytics Use Cases in GB979A. Thirteen use cases are currently scored. 
  • GB979D Big Data Analytics Big Data Repository R15.5.1:   This dictionary will grow extensively in 2016.  The ABDR is a new concept being developed and specified by the TM Forum in order to permit the creation of standardized implementations across operators, and straightforward re-usability of the data by ABDR compliant solutions
  • RN346 Big Data Analytics Release Notes R15.5.1 provide the overview content of the BDA Solution Suite and will identify the specific changes introduced in this current release.