GB979A Big Data Analytics Use Cases R15.5.1

The Big Data Analytics Guidebook (GB979) provides guidance to a Communication Service Provider (CSP) on the major components that are needed for the implementation of real-life Big Data Analytics (BDA) use cases. This addendum provides a broad overview of the different big data analytics use cases that can be implemented in the CSP’s business.

The structure of this addendum is as follows:

Section 1: Introduction: Provides an overview of this addendum covering the structure in which the use cases are documented, an overview of the use cases described, and the coverage that these use cases provide over the TM Forum Business Process Frameworks.

Section 2: Big Data Analytics Use Cases: Documents the use cases in three groups, namely Customer, Service, Resource, Product, Market & Sales, Enterprise, Engaged Part in-line with the domains of the TM Forum Business Process Framework (eTOM).

Section 3: Administrative Appendix: Provides document revision history, acknowledgements for work completed and information about the TM Forum.


IPR mode: RAND
Status: TM Forum Approved
Member evaluation start date: 12/18/2015
Member evaluation end date: 1/15/2016
Approval vote date: 5/18/2016
Maturity level: Level 4 – Forum Approved
Document type: Best Practice
Release: 15.5
Security: Member
Standard: Best Practices
Strategic program: CEM & Data Analytics
Project: Data Analytics Project
Topic: Data Analytics
Document version: 3.0.3
Date Modified: 6/22/2016

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