Open Digital Architecture


ODA Governance describes activities applied throughout the project lifecycle that ensure under-construction solutions adhere to ODA principles

ODA Governance Overview

In this area you will find general material which relates to all of the Open Digital Architecture, and to ODA governance. Governance is essential for creating a consistent approach to the lifecycle management of an organization’s enterprise architecture. It provides standards, policies and guidelines to reduce risk, and to ensure security and regulatory compliance.
Concepts & principles
Overview of the drivers behind the governance rules, policies, and targets applied to proposed design solutions to ensure ODA compliance
Design Guides
A series of “how-to” design guides that equip you to build solutions using the principles, policies and rules of an ODA-based architecture
API Governance
API Governance ensures your interfaces conform to common rules, policies and principles that uphold Open API standards and security
AI Governance
Learn how to use AI Governance to deploy AI-based solutions and minimise the risk of implementing AI operations at scale
Data Governance
Discover how to implement a data governance program and use large sets of data in a safe manner by creating an ethical and secure framework
Security Governance
Security governance empowers you to control, direct and communicate activities relating to IT and cyber security risk management