GB941 Revenue Assurance Solution Suite R16.5.1

  • Maturity level: Level 3 - Team Approved

This suite of documents defines the KPIs that provide a common framework to measure three important aspects of revenue assurance: revenue leakage, revenue assurance related process efficiency and data quality.

This version documents the latest updates to the scorecard and updated metrics. It incorporates the completely re-written Addendum A which is now a single document that introduces and explains the Revenue Assurance Balanced Scorecard, how to use it to best demonstrate the value of RA to the organization, as well as describing the updated RA KPI model. This document explains what the updated KPIs are, but the precise definitions are left to a future release. It should be noted that as the Forum has created a metrics repository, and to avoid duplication, the new RA metrics will be defined in the comprehensive repository and this document, GB941A, will refer to them. 

Resources Included