GB941B-1 Revenue Assurance Maturity Model Questionnaire R15.5.1

This new version of the Revenue Assurance Maturity Model (RAMM v2.1) contains changes to RAMM v2.0 based on the experience of service providers who had used the previous release. It includes the addition of the concept of key capabilities, which is orthogonal to the dimensions; this is intended to improve the visibility of the scoring for these factors (People and Influence at this release) and provide for the inclusion of other factors in the future.

RAMM v2.1 also allows users to adjust the standard weightings for all elements of the model. The approach has been to add a second, user weighted, score in addition to the standard score. In this way the standard score can still be used for industry benchmarking purposes as well as allowing individual organizations to adapt the model to their own specific circumstances through the user weighted score.

It should be noted that GB941B comprises 2 parts – this Excel spreadsheet (the Revenue Assurance Maturity Model Questionnaire that has been updated) and the Word document (the Revenue Assurance Maturity Model that has not changed in this release) – the Word document provides the detail behind the formulas used in the spreadsheet.

General Information

Document series: GB941B-1
Document version: 2.1.2
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Best Practice
Team approved: 28-Dec-2015
IPR mode: RAND
TM Forum Approved: 07-Apr-2016
Date modified: 21-Oct-2016