IG1137 Agile Transformation Suite R16.5.1

This series of documents explores how agile DevOps (Development Operations)  principles can be applied between organizations operating a value fabric so that agile development is used concurrently between partner organizations in a new world of SDN, NFV and thus avoid serializing developments across enterprise boundaries. It forms part of the TM Forum Zero-touch Orchestration, Operations and Management (ZOOM) initiative.

IG1137, Transformation of Netops to DevOps, introduced the concept of Agile/DevOps along its drivers and benefits to the TM Forum community.

IG1137A, Development and Deployment in the Context of a Value Fabric / Joint Agile Delivery, follows with a detailed methodology to make Agile across multiple organizations a reality. This methodology, known as Joint Agile Delivery, utilizes cross organizational synergies to decrease time to market and improve quality and cost.

IG1137A along with the upcoming IG1137B (Release 17.0) introduce new open APIs and processes which will be eventually contributed to Frameworx.