GB1040 MAMA Framework Guidebook v2.0.0

Current trends with automation and autonomy promise significant economic and social benefits for providers and consumers, however the promise is far from reality. Implemented autonomous operations solutions have rarely advanced beyond ‘islands of automation’ that lack the flexibility of adaptation, far more the capability to be self-governing. Current solutions are however enabling initial improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of operations, however there hasn’t clear value models that provide the confidence to enable any specific initiative claim responsibility of delivering direct and measurable business outcomes. The major challenges in the shift to higher levels of automation, such as autonomic systems, extend beyond focus on technology. There is also a need to focus on business transformation and ecosystem relationships as well. MAMA (Measuring and Managing Autonomy) kicks off the initiative across industry to explore how to match the promise to reality, beyond pure focus on new technologies.

MAMA project has developed a business-focused value-realization model, that reflects the contribution of technology, processes and people altogether to evaluate the proposition of autonomous operations initiatives. This MAMA framework provides a single normalized and unified framework for strategic planning of AO investment, frequently health-checking the promise of business value, and modelling continuous improvement through an architecture to business continuum (ABC).

General Information

Document series: GB1040
Document version: 2.0.0
Status: TM Forum Approved
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Team approved: 17-Aug-2023
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Published on: 22-Aug-2023
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Date modified: 08-Dec-2023