GB1042A Autonomous Operations Maturity Model (AOMM) v1.0.0

Autonomous Operations (AO) presents a new operating model of an organization that automates capabilities for learning, self-governance, and self-adaptation of its value streams in order to realize stakeholder value in a closed loop fashion. The Autonomous Operations Maturity Model (AOMM) brings a unique approach to assess performance of an organization applying advanced automation techniques to their value streams by applying a maturity grid assessment framework that links to the TM Forum’s DMM but provides a focus on autonomous capabilities. AOMM uses a maturity grid assessment framework that learns from the different maturity model types, their focal points, and their attribution to “levels of maturity” to establish taxonomy, assessment dimensions and level criteria for when an organization is planning/adopting or executing autonomous operations’ initiative. With over sixty maturity models out there for service providers to use, AOMM is focused on autonomous operations and helps members to navigate AO initiatives, benchmark business investments with outcomes, and to understand and effectively implement performance insights into operations capability gaps.

Under the Autonomous Operations initiative, AOMM is established to make sense of all the existing maturity models, such as Digital Maturity Model (DMM), Customer Experience Maturity Model (CEMM), Autonomous Network Levels (ANL), Data Governance Maturity Model, Closed Loop Automation Maturity Model (CAMM) etc., and provide a model that leverages across these existing models, characteristics that apply to improving autonomous operations project/program assessment and steering. 

General Information

Document series: GB1042A
Status: Member Evaluated
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Team approved: 17-Aug-2023
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Published on: 22-Aug-2023
Date modified: 18-Sep-2023