GB1043 Inclusion & Diversity Score Interventions v1.0.0

This document outlines the approach which the IDS Group has taken to provide thought leadership in response to the key challenges/pain points uncovered through the Alpha/Beta trials across their verbatim responses of multiple participating companies, sizes and regions.

The purpose of this document is to:

  • Act as a guide for organizations who have completed the IDS Survey and seek to understand how to action the findings
  • To serve as a guide to address the pain points established across the industry
  • To bring about actionable positive interventions which should eventually yield an improved IDS score

General Information

Document series: GB1043
Document version: 1.0.0
Status: Member Evaluated
Document type: Guidebook
Team approved: 05-Oct-2022
IPR mode: RAND
Published on: 11-Oct-2022
Date modified: 07-Oct-2022