GB922 Network Resource Architecture Models R15.5.1

  • Maturity level: Level 3 - Team Approved

Download the entire GB922 Network Resource Architecture Models R15.5.1 using the Download All button to the right; or download each file individually from the Assets Included listing below.

The GB922 Network Resource Architecture Models R15.5.1 Suite includes these files:

Using HTML versions: ActiveX controls must be enabled to view the HTML versions of the model.

To load the Network Resource Architecture into RSA:
1. Create an empty project called “NetworkResourceArchitectureAndPatterns” (or similar)
2. Select File > New > Project
3. Press “Next”
4. Name the project “NetworkResourceArchitectureAndPatterns”
5. Press “Finish”
6. Select the new project “NetworkResourceArchitectureAndPatterns” in the project explorer and import the archive file into the project
7. Select File > Import > General > Archive File
8. Press “Next”
9. Browse to select and open the location of the archive file on your system
10. Press Finish
11. You are now ready to browse the Network Resource Information Architecture and Pattern Sketches

Other downloable SID Model files are Information Framework Models and Umbrella Information Models.

Explore GB922 Information Framework (SID) Online

  • Browsable HTML Framework R15.5 is an online clickable model which contains the Business Process, Application elements of the Information Framework and mappings between them.
  • 3D Model and Viewer is a new multidimensional view of the Frameworx including the Business Process Framework (eTOM), Information Framework (SID) and the Application Framework (TAM)