TMF424 B2B2X Business Scenario Template R17.0.1

The Business Scenario template is designed to provide both Catalyst Projects and members with a consistent structure and content for the scenarios they contribute so that they can be more effectively communicated to both business and technical viewers. The completed Business Scenario slides will be ingested through the Digital Services Toolkit which will enable the content to be reviewed and refined, and then published for consumption by members.

Major changes to the R17.0 version includes new templates for monetization models, inclusion of a link to a standardized use case template and examples for both.


Approval vote date: 11/13/2017
Standard: Best Practices
Status: TM Forum Approved
Maturity level: Level 4 – Forum Approved
Document type: Reference
Release: 17
Strategic program: ODA & ZOOM
Security: Member
Project: Internet of Everything Project
IPR mode: RAND
Topic: B2B2X
Date Modified: 11/28/2017
Document version: 2.1.2

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Enhancement Core Framework Capabilities

Ecosystem Partnering Toolkit