GB922 Information Framework R18.0

This release of the Information Framework contains enhancements to it, including:

  • Introduce Tax and Tax Exemption in the model
  • Introduce Mapping ETSI NFV Model to SID
  • Characteristic model clean-up for Product and ProductSpecification
  • Remove all Entities identified as Likely to be deprecated in 17.0 for LogicalResource and LogicalResourceSpec ABEs
  • Added considerations to assist SID users on the use the new isSellableStandAlone attribute
  • Remove ConfigurableProductSpecCharacteristic entity
  • Introduce conventions for attribute naming and attribute name capitalization.

Further details and downloadable assets can be found via the following links:

General Information

Document series: GB922
Status: Team Approved
Document type: Reference
IPR mode: RAND
Date modified: 7/20/2018