GB922 Information Framework v22.0

This release of the Information Framework contains enhancements to it, including:

  • Adjust ordering of Frameworx Product and Customer domains
  • Rename “Engaged Party” domain to “Business Partner” and align related domains / concepts
  • Unify the Frameworx domains into a “Overarching Frameworx Domains” template
  • Revisite ProductOfferingPrice / ProductPrice / AppliedCustomerBillingRate
  • Dedicate classes for one-time applied charge and recurring applied charge to allow specific data and specific handling per each.
  • AppliedCustomerBillingRebate can be created due to issues at the Charge level, Bill level, or Billing account level. It is required to know the entity due to which the rebate was created for different reasons, like tracking, over credit validation, etc
  • Additional relations should be added to AppliedCustomerBillingRate:
    Relation to CustomerAccount,
    Relation to PartyBillingCycle


  • Remove LogicalPhysicalResource association since redundant with ResourceRelashionship
  • Changes to the description of HostingPlatformRequirementSpec

Further details and downloadable assets can be found via the following links:

General Information

Document series: GB922
Document version: 22.0.0
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Reference
IPR mode: RAND
Date modified: 15-Aug-2022