GB969 Fraud Management Implementation Guide V1.7

New version of Fraud Management Implementation Guide (GB969) with updated metrics chapter

This latest update to the Fraud Implementation Guide includes an updated chapter on Fraud Metrics incorporating detailed Metrics definitions, measurement attributes and terms revised to be more in sync with Frameworx Metrics.

This implementation guide is developed as a “living” document to be used by operators as a practical guide to validate and enhance their current Fraud Management process and to help new operators implement their new FM process.

The current version is the first step to attaining this goal. This guide documents Corporate Roles and Responsibilities in the context of Fraud Management. A list of relevant metrics and performance indicators are also included in this document. They will be further enriched and detailed in future versions to become a framework of Fraud Management Business Metrics and Performance Indicators.

This guide’s content is complemented by the Fraud Classification Guide (GB954), where the Fraud Classification Model and the Fraud glossary are presented, and the Fraud Operations Management Guide (GB947), where the Fraud Management Process and sub-processes are described. It is highly recommended that users read these documents also

General Information

Document series: GB969
Document version: 1.7
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Best Practice
IPR mode: RAND
TM Forum Approved: 18-Oct-2013