IG1127 End-to-end Virtualization Management: Impact on E2E Service Assurance and SLA Management for Hybrid Networks R15.0.0

As NFV starts to become a reality, brownfield operators are beginning to face the complexities of managing hybrid networks (networks that are combinations of traditional and virtualized networks) as they embark on a journey towards IT centric management. This Application Note brings out the challenges and impacts on end-to-end Service Assurance and SLA management in a hybrid physical/virtualized environment.

This change introduces a host of actors, each responsible for part of the overall solution, and creates new SLA/OLA constructs. It also necessitates new means of operations having SLA-linked Policy Orchestration, new RCA rules for Fault Correlation, and automated closed loop controls, thus reaping the benefits of virtualization as design principles.

There are a number of Catalysts working on these concepts that will be reporting results at TM Forum Live! 2015 in June, and their results will be used to inform the next iteration of this document.

General Information

Document series: IG1127
Document version: 1.0.0
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Exploratory Report
Team approved: 08-Jun-2015
IPR mode: RAND
TM Forum Approved: 04-Sep-2015