TM Forum Security Management Model v0.2 (TR172)

The TM Forum launched the Security Management Initiative to enrich its Frameworx solution set‚ – “ to include the component Frameworks, certification processes, and training program‚ – “with comprehensive Security Management guidance concerning architecture, processes, information and data models, applications, interfaces and testing to meet the expanded responsibilities for security management among all stakeholders in the service delivery ecosystem of the Cyber Age. This Technical Report provides an introduction to and overview of the abstract model underlying the long-term work program to achieve that enrichment. The model‚ – “consisting of process workflow and operational states‚ – “provides a foundation for shared terminology and understanding of concepts and for the integration and synchronization of both evolutionary and new work across all TM Forum member categories and Frameworx collaboration projects.

General Information

Document series: TR172
Document version: 1.0
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Technical Report
Team approved: 04-Oct-2011
IPR mode: RAND