GB922 Standards Addenda for Information Framework R16.0.1

  • Maturity level: Level 4 - Forum Approved

Download the entire GB922 Standards Addenda for Information Framework R16.0.1 Suite using the Download All button to the right;  download each file individually from the Assets Included listing below.

This release of the Information Framework contains major enhancements to it, including:

  • Updates to Engaged Party and Customer ABEs to reflect the relationship between/among them, specifically in the Party and Customer Payment and Party and Customer Order ABEs
  • Continued alignment of the model and documentation
  • Updates to the relationships among Product, Service, and Resource domain entities, including the relationship between, and views of, ProductSpecification and CustomerFacingServiceSpecification and between Product and CustomerFacingService
  • Introduction of new types of catalogs and the dynamic specification of any catalog and its generation at run time
  • Introduction of Network Function specification entities to the Resource domain and removal of preliminary status from the Event, Topology, and Virtual Resource ABEs
  • Clarifies the Entity / EntitySpec inheritance tree and the way to describe managed entities
  • Continued alignment with the Business Process Framework (eTOM).

(reading order is based on interest in a particular domain/ABE):

  • GB922 Agreement R16.0.1  SID Agreement
  • GB922 Business Interaction R16.0.1
  • GB922 Base Types R14.5.1
  • GB922 Calendar R14.0 (replaces GB922-1T)
  • GB922 Capacity R15.0.1  Common Business Entity Definitions
  • GB922 Catalog R16.0.1 Common Business Entity Definitions – Catalog
  • TIP Common Model Information Agreement V1.1
  • GB922 Configuration R14.5.1 -  Configuration and Profiling Business Entity Definitions
  • GB922 Project R14.0 -  SID Project
  • GB922 Location R14.5.1 –  SID Location
  • GB922 Metric R14.5.1 - SID Metric
  • GB922 Party R15.5.1 - SID Party
  • GB922 Performance R14.0 -  Performance Business Entities
  • GB922 Test R14.5.1 - Test Business Entities
  • TIP Performance Management Monitoring Information Agreement V1.0 - TIP_PM_Mon_IA 
  • TIP Performance Management Thresholding Information Agreement V1.0 –  TIP_PM_Thr_IA
  • GB922 Policy R14.5.1 - SID Policy
  • GB922 Root R16.0.1 - SID Root Business Entities
  • GB922 Users and Roles R16.0.1 - Users and Roles
  • GB922 Usage R14.0 - Usage Business Entities
  • GB922 Customer R16.0.1 - SID Customer
  • GB922 Product R16.0.1 - SID Product
  • GB922 Loyalty R14.0 -  Product / Loyalty Business Entity Definitions
  • GB922 Service Overview R16.0.1 - SID Service Overview
  • GB922 Quality of Service R9.5 - SID Quality of Service
  • TIP Service Problem Management Information Agreement V1.0  - TIP-SPM-IA (note Service Problem Management Information Agreement used as the SID addendum)
  • GB922 Logical and Compound Resource R16.0.1 -  SID Logical Resource
  • GB922 Logical and Compound Resource – Computing and Software R16.0.1
  • GB922 Physical Resource R16.0.1 - SID Physical Resource
  • GB922 Market / Sales R9.5
  • TIP Resource Alarm Management Information Agreement V1.1 TIP-RAM-IA  (note this is used as the SID addendum)
  • TIP Maintenance, Protection and Alarm Control Information Agreement V1.0 TIP-MPAC-IA (this and the SID Performance addendum represent the complete set of performance-related documentation)
  • GB922 Revenue Assurance R16.0.1 - SID: Enterprise Domain Revenue Assurance Business Entities
  • GB922 Security R12.5 - SID Security
  • GB922 Workforce R14.5.1
  • GB922 Engaged Party R16.0.1 -  Engaged Party Business Entity Definitions
  • TR244 TM Forum Information Framework Enhancements to Support ZOOM R15.0.1

Reference Material for Information Framework:

Explore GB922 Information Framework (SID) Online

  • Browsable HTML Framework R16.0 is an online clickable model which contains the Business Process, Application elements of the Information Framework and mappings between them.
  • 3D Model and Viewer is a new multidimensional view of the Frameworx including the Business Process Framework (eTOM), Information Framework (SID) and the Application Framework (TAM).
  • Frameworx R16.0 Model Visio Format – TM Forum’s Frameworx model has been made available in a Microsoft(c) Visio(c) 2010 format.

Resources Included