Take a new modern approach to data governance with the TM Forum Framework?

Playbook Summary:
How do I take a new approach to Data Governance for the ODA using the TM Forum Framework? Why Data Governance is fundamental for the future and how to maintain modern, flexible control of my data.
Understanding Data Governance
Watch the Data Governance masterclass to understanding the value of your data and the critical role it must play in delivering future services, from delivering superior customer experiences, to personalization, product creation and enabling autonomous operations and how the TM Forum framework can help you with a modern modern, flexible data governance framework to specify decision rights and accountabilities, ensuring usability and the quality and compliance of data.
Watch the Data Governance masterclass
Understand the growing importance of data governance
Read the industry report to understand the growing importance of data governance.
Industry report: the growing importance of data governance
Understand the current global landscape for data governance
Explore the Data Governance Whitepaper to understand the current global landscape for data governance, define what data governance is, current practices in data governance and the tool that help organizations manage their data. It will also help you highlight the weaknesses in data governance and data ethics and will enable you to understand TM Forum’s vision for future data governance.
IG1225: Data Governance Whitepaper – A new vision for the future of data governance
Data Governance call to action
Read the call to action for the C-level and senior leadership of companies and public entities explaining the reasons why today Data Governance is a must.
IG1246 Data Governance C-LEVEL Executive Summary V1.0.0
Assess your Data Governance Maturity
Assess your own Data Governance Maturity and understand the necessary steps to improve it.
GB1025: Data Governance Maturity Model V1.0.0
Implement a data governance programme
Implement a data governance programme with the help of the TM Forum Data Governance Guidebook to improve your processes and maturity.
GB1023: Data Governance Guidebook V2.0.0
Get involved
Get involved and join the Data Governance Project to contribute to the standards and best practice in this area. Make sure you are at the forefront of thought leadership and accelerate your data governance plans.
Go to the members project page to apply