How can I simplify the consumption of connectivity for my enterprise customers?

Playbook Summary:
Learn how to enable the consumption of connectivity for my Enterprise customers, your readiness and its potential
Learn the industry agreed definition for Connectivity-as-a-Service
The year is 2030. Connectivity is ubiquitous and embedded in every product, service, and application. The path to realizing this future vision of ubiquitous connectivity across all regions requires a paradigm shift in how connectivity is sold and consumed.
IG1271 Connectivity-as-a-Service: A Paradigm Shift in Connectivity Delivery v1.0.0
See practical and inspirational use cases for Connectivity-as-a-Service
Read user stories and use-cases which support the IoT Reference Architecture
GB1035C Connectivity-as-a-Service Use-Cases v2.0.0
Evaluate whether your organization has the right business capabilities to establish and deliver Connectivity-as-a-Service
Learn the business capabilities and Connectivity-as-a-Service associated with the IoT Platform Architecture and the terminology definitions of the capabilities, their purposes and outcomes.
GB1035A Connectivity-as-a-Service Business Capabilities v1.0.0
GB1035B Connectivity-as-a-Service Technical Capabilities v1.0.0
Analyze the (beta version) of the industry agreed reference architecture for connectivity as a service
Compare architectural differences to establish how to best achieve the required flexibility to achieve connectivity-as-a-service.
GB1035 Connectivity-as-a-Service Reference Architecture v2.0.0
TMF926A Connectivity-as-a-Service API Profile v2.0.0
Read the industry report on the potential for Connectivity-as-a-Service to drive business growth
Communications service providers (CSPs) struggle to grow revenue, particularly in the enterprise market, while over­-the-­top hyperscale cloud providers are driving change and delivering the experiences customers are willing to pay for. This excerpt from our recent report ‘What is connectivity-as-a-service?’ (CaaS) explores whether CaaS could be the answer.
Insight: Can connectivity-as-a-service drive growth?