Ecosystem Partnering Toolkit


The purpose of the Ecosystem Partnering Toolkit is to provide how-to guidance to business audiences who need to rapidly design, implement, operate and monetize digital services with partners in extended value chains.


CurateFx is a powerful, innovative new automated tool to enable you to make faster, more confident business decisions about complex business scenarios and ecosystems.

You can use it to bring digital ecosystems to life and design your business model with multiple stakeholders, so that you can define, agree & document relationships, roles & processes between ecosystem stakeholders. It also allows you to quickly identify standards & APIs needed to operationalize digital products & services. 

  • Drive transformation projects faster and more confidently by having a method to capture vast and intricate knowledge into rich, yet easily understandable, CurateFx models that enable coherent decision making
  • Discover new business growth opportunities in complex businesses and ecosystems by increasing your rate of new business exploration through standardizing on proven TM Forum methodologies embodied in CurateFx’s powerful collaborative tool and repository
  • Reduce time to agreement among stakeholders by short-circuiting siloed and circular communications via easy collaboration across individuals and teams inside and outside of your company using CurateFx’s comprehensive approach to knowledge and idea sharing
  • Reduce risk in scope definition and implementation through use of design “guiderails” that leverage proven TM Forum blueprints to establish baseline rules while allowing for creativity in development of new models and ecosystems
  • Accelerate business to IT handovers by driving consistent decision-making through common language and embedded knowledge of TM Forum’s Frameworx™ process and information models and APIs

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You can also access the underlying documents below. These are the best practices and guidance documents for ecosystem partnering that were recently automated to create the CurateFX tool:

Resources Included