IG1137A Development and Deployment in the Context of a Value Fabric: Joint Agile Delivery R17.0.1

IG1137 introduced the concept of transformation from NetOps to DevOps in an NFV/ZOOM context. The intent of that transformative process was to break the silos between Development and Operations in order to work efficiently in a value fabric.

This document defines Joint Agile Delivery, a process which breaks silos among suppliers, integrators and the service provider in order to create a streamlined multi-party continuous delivery pipeline with rapid customer feedback and continuous improvement.


IPR mode: RAND
Security: non-member
Release: 17
Project: ZOOM (Zero-touch Orchestration, Operations & Management) Project
Strategic program: More Agile & Virtualized
Document type: Exploratory Report
Approval vote date: 9/25/2017
Standard: Best Practices
Maturity level: Level 4 – Forum Approved
Status: TM Forum Approved
Date Modified: 11/10/2017
Document version: 1.0.5
Member evaluation start date: 7/14/2017
Member evaluation end date: 8/11/2017
Topic: Agile Business & IT, Network Function Virtualization (NFV) / ZOOM, Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

Appears in the following Suites

IG1137 Joint Agile Delivery Suite R17.5.0

IG1137 Joint Agile Delivery Suite R17.0.1

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