RN339 Customer Experience Management Release Notes R15.5.1

The Customer Experience Management Solution Suite consists of five components: Guide book, Maturity Model, Lifecycle Model, Use Cases, and ROI Model.

In the CEM Solution Suite R15.5.1, we have made a number of updates:

– 6 new Use Cases have been added

-19 existing BDA Use cases have been re-classified as having Customer Experience impacts and have been added into the suite of CEM use cases

-The nomenclature of the use cases has been refined

-There are 2 additional data cases added to the CEM ROI Calculator in an effort to put the model on the pathway to achieving meaningful benchmarks.

General Information

Document series: RN339
Document version: 5.0.3
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Reference
IPR mode: RAND
Date modified: 5/5/2016