GB921 Business Process Framework (eTOM) Suite Release 17.5.0

The Business Process Framework (eTOM) is the ongoing TM Forum initiative to deliver a business process model or framework.

This READ ME FIRST note provides the list of Business Process Framework documents and the suggested order in which to read the documents.

RN332 Business Process Framework Release Notes R17.5.0 provide the overview content of the Information Framework and will identify the changes introduced in this current release.

This Business Process Framework Suite Release 17.5.0 consists of the following documents.  The Suite is packaged into:

Getting Started with Business Process Framework Release 17.5 (In the suggested reading order):

  1. GB921P Process Framework Primer R15.0.1
  2. GB921U User Guidelines R15.0.1
  3. GB991 Core Frameworks Concepts and Principles R17.5.0 (replacing GB921 Concepts and Principles which has been deprecated)
  4. GB921Q Frequently Asked Questions for the Business Process Framework R11.5
  5. GB921G Guide to Applying the Business Process Framework R8.1

Process Definition Text:

  • GB921D L3 Process Decompositions R17.5
  • GB921DX L4 Process Decompositions R17.5
  • Browsable HTML Framework R17.5
  • GB921 Business Process Framework Processes Excel R17.5

Implementing Process Flows:

  • GB921E End-to-End Business Flows R16.5.1
  • GB921F Process Flow Examples R12.5
  • GB921J Joining the Business Process Framework through to Process Flows R11.5

Model Files:

  • Frameworx 17.5 Model Files XML (for use in XML Editors)
  • Frameworx 17.5 Model Files MDB (for use in Casewise)
  • Frameworx 17.5 Model for Visio

Exploratory Reports (download individually):

  • GB921Z Use Cases for Security Management R12.0
  • GB921Y Use Cases for Spectrum Management R12.0

Reference Material (download individually):

  • GB921K Construction Guidelines for Process Flows R13.5
  • RN332 Business Process Framework Release Notes R17.5

Using eTOM and ITIL Together:

  • GB921W Working Together: ITIL and eTOM R11.5
  • GB921L Leveraging Level 4 Process Elements and Process Flows for Support of ITIL R11.5
  • TR143 Building Bridges: ITIL and eTOM V1.1 (note: as a Technical Report this does not carry the GB921 label)
  • TR206 Exploring SES Service Development Scenarios through ITIL and the Process Framework V1.3.1

Resources Included