GB948 Quick Start Guide: Cable Business Intelligence Suite

Getting started on a transformation project that includes Business Intelligence (BI) features can be a daunting task. You find yourself asking ‘hasn’t someone done this before, and isn’t there some sort of guidebook to help me along the way’?

Of course the answer is ‘yes’ to both questions. But we are unaware of a transformation guidebook specifically tailored to Cable. That is, until now.

The Business Intelligence workgroup within the Cable Initiative in the TM Forum set out to solve this problem in 2011, and the documents in this guide are the result of that effort. Our goal was to produce working documents that could be used in a wide variety of projects in virtually any industry (though specifically stress tested for Cable).

These documents are not intended to do the work for you, but to give your initial days in the project some concrete direction. Nor will these artifacts solve all your problems, in fact they should make you ask more, and deeper, questions about what you are trying to accomplish. If so, then we have succeeded.