TR211 B2B2BX Partnering Guidebook Concepts and Examples

This Guidebook is a business oriented, practical manual to help players in the new Open Digital Ecosystem (ODE) understand how to create and manage partnerships. The focus is on building the partnerships required to deliver digital services that will be delivered to end-customers, both enterprises and consumers. The material is based on practical implementation experience by TM Forum member companies that have worked together, and are willing to share the learning experiences and best practices evolved to create practical demonstration of these solutions.

With the changes in the market, this document addresses the approach to partnering where new services must be delivered quickly and as a result, the partnering mechanics must be fast and automated wherever possible. It provides a series of steps with corresponding worksheets and exit criteria to enable profitable partner relationships. Topics covered include business model design, business rules, contractual model selection, financial model selection, and operating model selection. The document also provides a series of exemplar use cases contributed by TM Forum members.

General Information

Document series: TR211
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Technical Report, Best Practice
IPR mode: RAND