Whilst the core Frameworks have been and continue to be updated to reflect the changes required to support Network Function Virtualization (NFV). As part of the Agile OSS/BSS Toolkit, this section contains a number of assets that are specifically linked to the OSS/BSS transformation required to support NFV, and in particular hybrid networks. TR262 provides an overview of a hybrid network management platform. TR244 explains the impact to information models of NFV. Ongoing work on the impacts of virtualization is within the ZOOM Project.

The TM Forum has released a complete blueprint for a platform for managing a multi-vendor Hybrid / NFV infrastructure as part of its Agile OSS toolkit. The blueprint brings together multiple elements into one set of tools in the TMF070 suite of documents. The suite includes key practical assets such as Open APIs, information models, best practices and deployment guides. Together these provide the standard interface required for multi vendor hybrid deployments. It should be noted that even at the first release this blueprint goes beyond the very basic management capabilities typically deployed with NFV today

Resources Included