How do I reduce my risk and deploy AI at scale?

Playbook Summary:
AI Governance for managing AI, utilising the AI Canvas, Checklists and Data Models to deploy at scale, integrating successfully with TM Forum AI Management Suite API for governance.
Watch the AI Governance Masterclass
An introduction into the AI Governance assets. Learn why governance and explainability are an essential part of your AI deployment and how you can reduce your AI deployment risks by using the TM Forum AI Data Governance assets.
Reducing risk and governing AI at scale
Read the AI Governance Whitepaper
Understand the challenges of managing AI at scale and the problems it brings around accountability, auditability and maintenance
IG1184: Service Management Standards for AI R.18.5.1
Use the AI Canvas
Assess the business goals and outcomes of your AI deployments and assess the risk related to your AI projects at an early stage in terms of governance, costs and performance goals
IG1238: AI Canvas V1.0.0
Implement the AI Checklists
Make sure critical items are addressed at all stages of the AI lifecycle across your organization.
AI Checklist Cards
Redesign and reengineer your operations processes to enable AI at scale
This document addresses how to redesign the complex service management operations processes, in order to prepare them to handle and govern AI software at scale.
IG1190: AIOPs Service Management V5.3.0 (link to version 5.4.0 as later)
Capture pertinent information about your AI models
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IG1232: AI Model Data Sheet Specification
Implement the TM Forum AI Management Suite API
The TM FOrum AI Management Suite API defines the set of operations that should be offered in order that a Service Provider can govern AI systems at scale.
TMF915: AI Management API Component Suite V4.0.0
Get involved and join the AI Governance Project
Contribute to the standards and best practice in this area. Make sure you are at the forefront of thought leadership and and accelerate your AI plans and understand how to deploy safely and securely at scale.
Join on the members' projects area