How can I improve the partnering capability of my organization in pursuit of business growth?

Playbook Summary:
Understanding the opportunities presented by Partnering for growth, your organization's readiness, the business case and collaborating for growth
Gain in depth insights into the fundamentals of partnering
The Online B2B2X Partnering Step by Step guide will walk you through the key concepts of Partnership Lifecycle and the value of a systematic method for capturing Partnership Agreements to achieve agile, repeatable industrial partnerships.
TR211 Online B2B2X Partnering Step by Step Guide
Understand the scope of the zero-touch partnering lifecycle and the capabilities required to realize successful partnering
This document covers the vision and strategy for zero-touch partnering
IG1279 Zero-Touch Partnering Vision and Strategy v1.0.0
Discover new business growth partnering opportunities in businesses ecosystems
This document contains user stories and use-cases which support the IoT Reference Architecture.
GB1027C Zero-Touch Partnering Use-Cases v3.0.0
Assess your organization’s capabilities for successful partnering opportunities
An Ecosystem Framework Model that assists organizations to evaluate the value potential of a particular ecosystem play and definitions of the IoT Platform Architecture.
GB1032 Ecosystem Modeling Framework v1.0.0
GB1027 Zero-Touch Partnering Reference Architecture v3.0.0
GB1027A Zero Touch Partnering Business Capabilities
GB1027B Zero Touch Partnering Technical Capabilities
TMF916A Zero-Touch Partnering API Profile v2.0.0
Build the business case for digital investment

Use this co-created template to create a return on investment (RoI) Investment model for digital ecosystem services that are both innovative and financially sustainable.

IG1223 An evaluation of digital return on investment for multi-sector services
Evaluate outcomes using the Ecosystem Modelling Framework
Use the Ecosystem Framework Model to evaluate the value potential of a particular ecosystem play, and examine the Framework applied to two examples: mobility and healthcare.
GB1032 Ecosystem Modelling Framework v1.0.0
Design your architecture with zero touch partnering best practices for partner and product onboarding
This report sets out the reference architecture for the TM Forum IoT Platform and elaborates on the target reference architecture proposed for the TM Forum IoT Platform.
GB1027 Zero Touch Partnering Reference Architecture
Learn about TM Forum Catalyst proof-of-concept co-innovation projects
This Catalyst project addresses the challenges faced with settlement systems in the 5G era.
Partner settlement capability in 5G ecosystem
DTWS: Watch BT’s CEO Philip Jansen promote the importance of partnering
BT CEO Philip Jansen explains why he believes new approaches to partnership and investments in fiber, 5G and digital transformation can coalesce to finally deliver revenue growth for BT and other telcos.
DTWS: BT’s Philip Jansen promotes partnering
Watch Global Architecture Forum: Zero touch partnering on-demand Webinar
Business Ecosystem Management project members provide deeper insights into the fundamental enablers for zero touch partnering.
Global Architecture Forum: Zero touch partnering
Experiment with TM Forum Open APIs
TM Forum Open APIs are designed to enable the exposure of capabilities beyond the boundary of the organization in ecosystem contexts
Open API table