TMF053 NGOSS Technology Neutral Architecture (TNA) Suite Release 6.3

  • Maturity level: Level 4 - Forum Approved

The TMF053 series of documents provide the major architectural concepts and specifications of the NGOSS Technology Neutral Architecture (NGOSS TNA). Using the NGOSS Lifecycle as a framework, this work supplies information necessary to transition for the specifications of business needs and missions developed in the Business View to the creation of the blueprint or architecture of the target solution (the System View). Key components of the TNA include:

  • the core architecture, applicable to both legacy and next generation implementations,
  • positioning and architecture of the NGOSS Contract for distributed interfaces,
  • the NGOSS Metamodel which defines the relationships of core elements and,
  • the Distribution and Transparency Framework detailing concepts of capabilities needed to support a distributed NGOSS system.

This release provides minor updates to the core architecture and provides a detailed architectural foundation for the NGOSS Contract.