RN355 Release Notes for TR229 ZOOM/NFV User Stories R16.5.1

These release notes concern TM Forum ZOOM Project user stories and use cases. The initial document in this series, i.e., TR229, was an early ZOOM project deliverable and was used to drive the ZOOM work concerning management of virtualizational (e.g., NFV and SDN). TR229 provided user stories from various sources:

  • scenarios from the TM Forum NFV Catalyst program
  • requirements from ETSI and ATIS reports
  • agile brainstorming sessions amongst Service Providers active in the ZOOM Project.

TR229A followed several years after TR229. The intent of TR229A is to derive detailed requirements for the management of virtualization via the study of user stories and detailed use cases. The requirements in TR229A are being used to prepare Change Requests (CRs) on various TM Forum Frameworx artifacts and, in particular, the TM Forum open digital APIs.

To get a general idea of what drove the ZOOM project initially, one should read TR229. and also look at the ZOOM white paper and eBooks on the ZOOM home page at www.tmforum.org/zoom 

To understand what is driving the current ZOOM release and input to the Frameworx and APIs one should read TR229A where the initial focus is on Hybrid Network Management Platform requirements, especially on Open APIs.

The plan is to drive ZOOM work via user stories and use cases. To this end, it is expected that TR229A will be updated and extended on a regular basis (perhaps for each Frameworx release).

General Information

Document series: RN355
Document version: 1.0.2
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Reference
IPR mode: RAND
Date modified: 21-Jun-2017