IG1137B Joint Agile Delivery (JAD) Service Assurance R17.5.1

Virtualized and Programmable Networks offer many opportunities for Telecom Service Providers. They enable faster innovation, agile delivery and economies of scale to support new business models such as Dynamic Network Services, Network Functions Marketplaces, and IoT/IoE.

As highlighted in IG1137A, Joint Agile Delivery is key to reaping the benefits of these digital ecosystems, especially SDN and NFV, where service providers, suppliers, and partners collaborate from requirements through design and delivery to reduce cost, increase quality, and achieve faster Time To Market.

This document details how the Operations Center of the Future will leverage data and intelligence across varied partner ecosystems using common mediation and an open plug-and-play architecture to assure end-to-end network services. Additionally, JAD explores the use of Machine Learning to predict and prevent degradation scenarios.

General Information

Document series: IG1137B
Document version: 1.0.2
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Standard
Team approved: 04-Dec-2017
IPR mode: RAND
TM Forum Approved: 04-Apr-2018
Date modified: 05-Apr-2018