GB921 Business Process Framework (eTOM) R15.5.1

  • Maturity level: Level 3 - Team Approved

Download the entire GB921 Business Process Framework (eTOM) R15.5.1 suite using the Download All button to the right; or download each file individually from the Assets Included listing below.

This Business Process Framework (also known as eTOM) Suite Release 15.5.1 consists of the following documents. (Note that this Suite is labeled with the reference GB921 and documents in this Suite will contain GB921 as part of their formal name.)

This Release 15.5.1 of the Business Process Framework Suite is integrated as part of the Frameworx Release 15.5, with major changes in the following main areas:

  • Over 270 new/changed/moved process in Business Process Framework
  • A new domain in Business Process Framework –Common Process Patterns
  • A new top level processes group in Enterprise Management – Common Enterprise Processes
  • Change of the numbering in Business Process Framework. All process got a preceding 1. (Needed for members extending the Business Process Framework internally, so they can denote their internal processes with 2 versus 1 we just added to all processes )
  • Added a field called Frameworx Status- possible values are: Released, Preliminary, Not Fully Developed and Draft.

Explore GB921 Business Process Framework (eTOM) Online

Browsable HTML Framework R15.5.1 is an online clickable model which contains the Business Process, Application elements of the Information Framework and mappings between them.


3D Model and Viewer is a new multidimensional view of the Frameworx including the Business Process Framework (eTOM), Information Framework (SID) and the Application Framework (TAM)


The GB921 Business Process Framework (eTOM) R15.5.1 Suite is packaged into:

Getting Started with Business Process Framework Suite Release 15.5.1 which includes (in the suggested reading order):
1. GB921P Process Framework Primer R15.0.1
2. GB921U User Guidelines R15.0.1
3. GB991 Core Frameworks Concepts and Principles R15.5.1 (replacing GB921 Concepts and Principles which has been deprecated)
4. GB921Q Frequently Asked Questions for the Business Process Framework R11.5
5. GB921G Guide to Applying the Business Process Framework R8.1

GB921 Process Definition Text Suite Release 15.5.1 which includes:

GB921 Implementing Process Flows Suite Release 15.5.1 which includes:

Exploratory Reports:

Reference Material:

GB921 Using eTOM and ITIL Together Suite which includes:

Model files are packaged separately and can be found here GB921 Business Process Framework (eTOM) Models R15.5.1:

Resources Included