GB922 Standards Addenda for Information Framework R16.5.1

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This release of the Information Framework contains major enhancements to it, including:

  • Support for Number Portability with the addition of portability requests as subclasses of Resource Orders and initial work on ResourceNumber and ResourceNumberSpecifications, which can be used for any type of number, such as telephone numbers
  • Addition of Party Revenue Sharing support in the Engaged Party domain aligned with the Party Revenue Sharing processes in the Business Process Framework (eTOM)
  • Updates to the Catalog, and Root Business Entities ABEs and the APISpecification entity to support new catalog requirements, such as version number and lifecycle status for Catalog and CatalogSpecification, attachments to EntitySpecifications, and new APISpecification attributes
  • Introduction of  TR264 Information Framework Specification Support for Virtualization that proposes further SID updates to support virtualization, which will most likely become part of SID 17.0
  • Updates to the model to reduce issues when importing into Papyrus
  • Continued alignment with the Business Process Framework (eTOM).

(reading order is based on interest in a particular domain/ABE):

  • GB922 Agreement R16.0.1 SID Agreement
  • GB922 Business Interaction R16.0.1
  • GB922 Base Types R14.5.1
  • GB922 Calendar R14.0 (replaces GB922-1T)
  • GB922 Capacity R15.0.1  Common Business Entity Definitions
  • GB922 Catalog R16.5.1 Common Business Entity Definitions – Catalog
  • TIP Common Model Information Agreement V1.1
  • GB922 Configuration R14.5.1 – Configuration and Profiling Business Entity Definitions
  • GB922 Project R14.0 – SID Project
  • GB922 Location R14.5.1 – SID Location
  • GB922 Metric R14.5.1 – SID Metric
  • GB922 Party R15.5.1 – SID Party
  • GB922 Performance R14.0 – Performance Business Entities
  • GB922 Test R14.5.1 – Test Business Entities
  • TIP Performance Management Monitoring Information Agreement V1.0 – TIP_PM_Mon_IA 
  • TIP Performance Management Thresholding Information Agreement V1.0 –  TIP_PM_Thr_IA
  • GB922 Policy R14.5.1 – SID Policy
  • GB922 Root R16.5.1 – SID Root Business Entities
  • GB922 Users and Roles R16.0.1 – Users and Roles
  • GB922 Usage R14.0 – Usage Business Entities
  • GB922 Customer R16.5.0 – SID Customer
  • GB922 Product R16.0.1 – SID Product
  • GB922 Loyalty R14.0 – Product / Loyalty Business Entity Definitions
  • GB922 Service Overview R16.0.1 – SID Service Overview
  • GB922 Quality of Service R9.5 – SID Quality of Service
  • TIP Service Problem Management Information Agreement V1.0 TIP-SPM-IA (note Service Problem Management Information Agreement used as the SID addendum)
  • GB922 Logical and Compound Resource R16.5.1 – SID Logical Resource
  • GB922 Logical and Compound Resource – Computing and Software R16.5.1
  • GB922 Physical Resource R16.0.1 – SID Physical Resource
  • GB922 Market / Sales R9.5
  • TIP Resource Alarm Management Information Agreement V1.1 TIP-RAM-IA (note this is used as the SID addendum)
  • TIP Maintenance, Protection and Alarm Control Information Agreement V1.0 TIP-MPAC-IA (this and the SID Performance addendum represent the complete set of performance-related documentation)
  • GB922 Resource Order Portability R16.5.1
  • GB922 Revenue Assurance R16.0.1 – SID: Enterprise Domain Revenue Assurance Business Entities
  • GB922 Security R12.5 – SID Security
  • GB922 Workforce R14.5.1
  • GB922 Engaged Party R16.5.1 – Engaged Party Business Entity Definitions
  • TR244 TM Forum Information Framework Enhancements to Support ZOOM R15.0.1
  • TR264 Information Framework Specification Support for Virtualization R16.5.1

Reference Material for Information Framework:

Explore GB922 Information Framework (SID) Online

  • Browsable HTML Framework R16.5 is an online clickable model which contains the Business Process, Application elements of the Information Framework and mappings between them.
  • 3D Model and Viewer is a new multidimensional view of the Frameworx including the Business Process Framework (eTOM), Information Framework (SID) and the Application Framework (TAM).
  • Frameworx R16.5 Model Visio Format – TM Forum’s Frameworx model has been made available in a Microsoft(c) Visio(c) 2013 format.

Resources Included