How can the Open Digital Framework help me improve my digital customer experience for the 5G age?

Playbook Summary:
This Playbook brings together some of the collatoral that TM Forum has developed from its set of tools and best practices including a maturity model, lifecycle model and over 450 metrics to guide you in the implementaion of How the Open Digital Framework help  improve the digital customer experience for the 5G age?
Take the Customer Experience Maturity Model and understand where you are in your customer experience maturity across the business and what steps you need to take to improve it

The Customer Experience Maturity Model GB962B has had a complete revamp to align it with the Digital Maturity Model V4.0.2 and now includes the new 6th Data dimension. Organizations will be able to map their customer experience management maturity, through guided assessment, to the six dimensions of Experience, Strategy, Technology, Operations, Culture and Data. As a result, organizations will be able to identify areas for improvement that will translate across their entire organization and operations putting customers at the center of their business activities.

GB962B: Customer Experience Maturity Model V2.0.0
Ensure you are using the right metrics to measure digital customer experiences
This document complements GB962 Customer Experience Management Introduction and Fundamentals. It provides a list of metrics designed to allow a standardized approach to measuring CXM for Digital Service Providers. A framework for organizing the metrics is provided, together with a simple taxonomy, based upon the Customer Experience Lifecycle. The bulk of the document contains metric names and associated definitions, aiming to unambiguously define the metrics such that common implementations may be developed for their capture, analysis and benchmarking.
GB962A Customer Experience Management Lifecycle Metrics R15.0.1
Understand what new 5g digital services you want to offer and how to measure the customer experience and which metrics matter
This document identifies common industry use cases for 5G connectivity, and for each use case provides suggested metrics to measure the user experience delivered. Recommended values are also provided, based on findings from field and lab trials. This document will expand and evolve over time as industry adoption of 5G use cases accelerates. Therefore, the Customer Experience Management Project Team invites TM Forum members to provide feedback and input with use cases to enable this document to evolve.
GB1010 Experience Metrics for 5G Use Cases Guidebook v1.0.0
Understand how AI can help you get a 360 view of your customer
Customer expectations are ever-increasing. One great experience with, for example, an internet giant sets the bar high for other companies and industries to follow suit. This presents a real challenge for telecoms providers as they don’t necessarily have the agility or resources to replicate a similar model. On top of this, these providers have had to negotiate the operational and strategic integration challenges attached to the influx of mergers and acquisitions in the industry. For all service providers, even those beginning their post-M&A journey, one of the key focus areas must be creating highly successful customer engagements.
IG1182 The CSPs Guide to AI-Driven 360 Degree Customer Profiles R19.0.1
Understand the impact of 5G and how it will impact omnichannel experiences
This CEM 2025 Guidebook describes the new direction that is taken on for an update of the existing Omnichannel Guideline.
GB1006 Customer Experience Management 2025 Guidebook v2.0.1
Discover the future vision of the telecom software market and how it can help you launch new digital enterprise services, quicker, cheaper and on demand whilst delivering a seamless customer experiences
Communication Service Providers need to build and deliver new digital enterprise-grade services, quicker, cheaper and on-demand to enable digital societies and flourishing business ecosystems. This paper sets out a clear, industry agreed future vision of software and services to achieve that through an open digital architecture and marketplace.
A future vision for the software market that the telecom industry needs to survive and thrive
Learn about TM Forum Open APIs and how they enable service providers to transform their IT and operational agility and improve customer experience, while externally delivering a practical approach to seamless end-to-end management of complex digital services and partnerships

TM Forum plays a leading role in educating the industry on innovative new approaches to accelerating digital transformation. We offer all of the critical enabling technologies and know-how for moving toward agile modularized platform-based architectures.

The following courses are available:

Open API Training, Certification & Conformance
Read about how Dialog Axiata leads in digital customer experience by automating 80% of their processes using TM Forum Open APIs and the Open Digital Architecture (ODA)

Who: Dialog Axiata & Axiata Digital Labs, both part of the Axiata Group

What: A complete digital customer experience transformation, personalization and automation initiative across app, web, retail customer experience store, kiosk, contact center and social media channels

How: Buy-in at group level to a culture of innovation, upskilling and measurement, supported by TM Forum’s Digital Maturity and AI Maturity Models; conformance to the Open Digital Architecture and Open APIs, part of the Open Digital Framework; and participation in the Catalyst Program

Case study on Dialog Axiata’s complete digital customer experience transformation.
Experiment with the Customer Management API and see how you can adopt them across your architecture

The increasingly complex multi-partner digital services value chain raises new challenges in terms of ensuring time-to-market, seamless management, cost-effectiveness and revenue sharing.

In order to meet these challenges, TM Forum members including the world’s largest service providers and suppliers, have been working to develop APIs that enable the open digital ecosystem and provide critical management functionality to digital services.

Download the Customer Management API from the Open API Table.
Engage with the Catalyst program and see how STC enhanced customer experience through digital personalization
CEMA (Customer Engagement & Monetization) is simply the platform to improve or reinvent business models, while engaging customers contextually using digital channels and social media networks, powered by data-driven insights and artificial intelligence. STC intends to personalize the customer experience from outside-in with a deep understanding of customer lifestyle and behavior leading to an end to end digital experience.
Visit the project webpage for details, videos and a demo of the solution