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Business Metrics

TM Forum Business Metrics provide a top-down, industry-agreed view of the standard quantifiable business metrics a service provider requires to run its business. The metrics are developed and refined by TM Forum members in the related collaboration community.

The Forum’s Business Metrics enable you to measure success based on a holistic and balanced scorecard that covers:
  • Revenue and margin: A view of fiscal performance
  • Customer experience: Measures that impact the end-customer’s reaction to the service offering
  • Operational efficiency: A view of cost and expense drivers

What are TM Forum's Business Metrics?

TM Forum's metrics capture critical performance indicators within the domains of Revenue & Margin, Customer Experience, and Operational Efficiency. They are further separated by topic (such as unit cost or time) and by customer state or internal business process.

The metrics provide guidelines to ensure your processes are efficient and effective across the enterprise. They are organized in the following levels:
  • Level 0: metrics of specific interest to CxOs
  • Level 1: metrics of general business and operational use
  • Level 2: supporting technical metrics
  • Level 3: for other work that is not currently within Levels 0-2

5 Benefits of Using Business Metrics

  • Make informed decisions based on objective quantifiable data
  • Support business case development and budgeting efforts
  • Enhance internally developed metrics and dashboards
  • Compare yourself to industry peers with TM Forum’s Benchmarking Program
  • Plot trends by doing year-on-year comparisons
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