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About the TM Forum

About us

Over the last 25 years TM Forum has not only grown in numbers, we've expanded into verticals and businesses that are dependent on the communications industry for their success. Starting with only 8 members in 1988, the Forum has grown and evolved to consistently meet the needs of the changing market.

TM Forum is a global trade association trusted by the world’s largest enterprises, service providers and suppliers to help them continuously transform to succeed in the digital economy. We help our members reduce cost and risk, improve business agility and grow their business through a wealth of knowledge, tools, standards, training and practical advice.

We bring together more than 85,000 professionals from 900+ member companies to share experiences, collaborate and rapidly solve critical business challenges including IT transformation, business process optimization, big data analytics, cloud management, customer experience management and cyber security. Our three strategic programs—Agile Business & IT, Customer Engagement and Open Digital —enable us to provide a platform for overcoming the barriers to an open digital world including member benefits that Inform, Innovate, Accelerate and Optimize members' business decisions and operations. By providing a neutral and open platform for collaboration between service providers, enterprises and their suppliers, the Forum helps its members overcome the barriers to an open digital economy. 


The Forum brings together thought-leaders and delivers thought-changing analysis and revolutionary approaches to address industry issues, from macro market trends to pragmatic technology challenges.


By bringing the industry together to identify and solve common problems, we drive innovation, striving to challenge conventional thinking by bringing disruptive ideas to the table.


We drive collaboration between players in the value-chain to remove business and technology roadblocks to growth through industry agreement and the development of pragmatic enabling standards.


As services scale, we bring together experts in competencies such as customer experience management, data analytics, business process optimization, revenue management, and more to establish business standards, best practices and practical tools to continuously optimize provider operations.