API Spec Jam

Wednesday, September 14, 2022 to
Friday, September 16, 2022


On September 14th-16th, at Telenor’s offices in Copenhagen, TM Forum will host an Open API Spec Jam workshop. Join us to add your expertise to work collaboratively on the standardization and “schemafication” of the Open APIs.

The agenda will include:

  •  A technical summary of the status of the APIs and environment
  •  An update on recent design guideline decisions
  • Conversion of V4 to V5 APIs 
  • Completion of V4 APIs i.e. CLA API, closed-loop API, ZTP API and CaaS API, Distributed Ledger API, Blockchain API, Intent API, Policy API, Topology Discovery API (a priority list will be worked out ahead of time).
  • Development of automatic conversions capabilities for v4 to v5 
  • Async API profile development 
  • DevOps evolution
  • DCS Development of context-bound APIs i.e. 5G Slice 
  • Development of DCS schema repository

Frederikskaj 8,
2450 København SV,

Places are limited. RSVP by 24th August to [email protected] for more information and to secure your place.