Realizing the true potential of cloud transformation and cloud operations

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 3:00pm to 4:30pm


Moving to the cloud is not easy. It requires communication service providers (CSPs) to adopt cloud-first approaches across the business – from leveraging new technologies and tools to embracing a new culture and agile ways of working. For the CSPs who succeed in getting their cloud transformation and operations right, the change will prove transformational and will unlock the value of 5G and new revenue opportunities. 

In this summit, experts from TM Forum, Bharti Airtel and T-Mobile will share their insights and extensive experience in cloud transformation and operations and propose solutions to some of the challenges CSPs may face on this journey. 

This is an invite-only session. If you are interested in attending, please submit your interest here and we will be in touch.


The importance of utilizing the cloud in digital transformation

  • Welcome and introduction 
  • How migrating to the cloud will accelerate your digital transformation 
  • Understanding the key issues and roadblocks in operating complex cloud-based workloads  
  • The role of partnerships, ecosystems and platforms in the cloud journey

Ian Turkington, VP, Architecture and APIs Collaboration, TM Forum 

Starting the cloud transformation journey: a T-Mobile case study

  • Evaluating the main drivers for cloud transformation and modernization 
  • Determining the main obstacles being faced by CSPs in their cloud transformation journeys  
  • Addressing these challenges effectively, to ensure a successful transformation  
  • Realizing the tangible benefits of cloud transformation

Jason Lichtenberger, Manager of Product and Technology in Enterprise Technology Solutions, T-Mobile 
Vineet Tiwari, Vice President Enterprise & Emerging Business & Managed Services, Ericsson 
Interviewer: Ian Turkington, VP, Architecture and APIs Collaboration, TM Forum

Bharti Airtel case study: Utilizing cloud operations to enhance efficiency  

  • The challenges with regards to cloud operations in multi-vendor, multi-distributed cloud environments. 
  • How Bharti has addressed these to ensure a seamless and efficient operation. 
  • The opportunities presented by cloud operations, and what has been achieved in Bharti Airtel. 
  • Effectively bringing in AI for autonomous operations. 
  • Expectations from the tools and frameworks used to enable efficient cloud operations. 
  • Understanding the cultural transformation when you embrace cloud operations. 
  • The significance of DevOps in a cloud environment. 

Rashim Kapoor, Senior VP Core, Bharti Airtel 
Interviewer: Ian Turkington, VP, Architecture and APIs Collaboration, TM Forum 

AI/ML driven multi and hybrid cloud operations 
Ericsson highlights their AI/ML solution, which provides proactive and predictive analysis to help CSPs identify and troubleshoot VNF issues in multi and hybrid cloud environments faster. 
Chandrakant Pattekar, Global Portfolio Director/Cloud operations, Ericsson 

Q&A discussion: Maximizing the value of cloud transformation and operations  

This interactive session will allow members of the audience to submit questions to our panelists, which will be used to lead the discussion amongst participants.  

  • What have we learnt from our cloud transformations? 
  • How can CSPs use these learnings to unlock the true benefits of the cloud?  
  • What are the essential tools and frameworks for successful cloud transformation and operations?  

Ivano Guardini, Head of Network Function Cloudification and AutomationTIM
Nathan Rader, VP Cloudified Production, Deutsche Telekom
Rashim Kapoor, Senior VP Core, Bharti Airtel 

Indranil Das, VP and Head of Portfolio & Offering, Ericsson 
Moderator: Ian Turkington, VP, Architecture and APIs Collaboration, TM Forum 

Conclusions and closing remarks 

Ian Turkington, VP, Architecture and APIs Collaboration, TM Forum 

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