Information Framework (SID) Release 16.5 Papyrus Format

Importing the Papyrus Model:

Note: This assumes that the Papyrus open source UML tool is installed. Those interested in this format of the SID can search for Eclipse ¬ Papyrus to download the tool.

Importing SID 16.5 Papyrus model and profiles using the SID in Papyrus model zip file:

  1. Start Papyrus and create a new workspace
  2. Create a project, not a model project, using File/New/General in the workspace
  3. Import the project archive zip file using Import/General/Archive File
  4. You are ready to start using the SID by opening the SID model!

Notes on the Papyrus model:

  • Association and subclass routing in many Class diagrams is not optimal
  • Object diagrams were converted to Class diagrams, and when an attempt to open one is made an error occurs
  • These and other Papyrus related model commentary is in the Confluence Frameworx workspace/Current/Information Framework workspace/SID and Papyrus folder SID in Papyrus Commented document.

General Information

Document series: GB922-65
Document version: 16.5.0
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Standard
IPR mode: RAND
Date modified: 13-Dec-2016