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Overcoming the challenges of delivering new services

Heavy Reading recently published a Service Provider IT Report entitled “Frameworx Proves Valuable Tool for Implementing SOA.” This report is now available FREE to all active TM Forum members. 

Want to learn more about Frameworx and it’s suite of best practices and standards that when adopted enable a service-oriented, highly automated and efficient approach to business operations? Click here.

About the report

Heavy Reading’s Service Provider IT Report, “Frameworx Proves Valuable Tool for Implementing SOA” examines how TM Forum’s Frameworx is being used by service providers to overcome the challenges of their legacy systems to deliver new services, including examining how Frameworx benefits users; drivers for using Frameworx; and trends users expect to see over the next 24 months. It includes a comparative analysis of Frameworx users and their reactions to Frameworx.


  1. Introduction
  2. How Frameworx Impacts the Market
    1. Benefits of Using Specific Frameworx Components
    2. Drivers for Using Frameworx
    3. Trends Users Expect Relating to Frameworx
  3. The Future of Frameworx
    1. Market Response to Frameworx
    2. Challenges TM Forum Faces
  4. Customer Case Studies Using Frameworx
    1. France Telecom
    2. MTS Allstream
    3. Philippine Long Distance Telephone
    4. Telecom Italia
    5. Telefónica
  5. Conclusion

From the author

Heavy Reading’s Insider Report entitled “Frameworx Proves Valuable Tool for Implementing SOA,” notes that Frameworx will increase the speed of rolling out new services. “Frameworx is identified by its users as a substantial benefit in three key areas: creating a common frame of reference both internally and externally; simplifying the IT architecture; and reducing costs and risks,” according to Denise Culver, research analyst, Heavy Reading Insider. “Such benefits underscore why Frameworx continues to gain in popularity, especially for service providers and vendors looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery.”  Learn more

General Information

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