Microservices and component architectures


As part of the Agile OSS/BSS Toolkit, this section contains Guidebooks and Technical Reports on design using the concepts of component based architectures, microservices and platform architectures. A component approach is suggested described in IG1118 and a management platform example is presented in TR262.

The Open Digital Architecture whitepaper explains how TM Forum is uniting the world’s leading service providers and technology suppliers to deliver a new technology architecture and a set of best practices to achieve it: an Open Digital Architecture (ODA). It sets a new vision for operational and business support systems (OSS/BSS), and a de facto standard for the design of open digital platforms. ODA embraces fresh ideas and the latest thinking, with the ambition to deliver a model- and datadriven architecture that relies on the use of metadata, microservices and a clear set of normalized APIs.

Resources Included