GB922 Market Sales v19.5.1

The Market & Sales Domain represents roles, information and activities pertaining to marketing and sales strategy, capability delivery, lifecycle management and support of parties (e.g. individuals / organizations ) that move through sales lifecycle stages (e.g. contact / lead / prospect) as they learn about, inquire, choose, negotiate, order and are supported for goods and services (i.e. products) that are offered by an enterprise. On the Sales side, this includes sales contacts / leads / prospects through to the sales force and sales statistics. Market includes market strategy and plans, market segments, competitors and their products, through to campaign formulation and reporting.

General Information

Document series: GB922-24
Document version: 19.5.1
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Standard
Team approved: 02-Dec-2019
IPR mode: RAND
Date modified: 24-Feb-2020