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Optimizing IT and Networks: TM Forum training for success

TM Forum training equips you with the essential know-how to revamp telecom operations, systems, and services using Open Digital Architecture (ODA) industry standards.

Staying ahead in the telecoms' fast-paced digital landscape requires the expertise to execute IT and network transformation seamlessly. Our training provides a clear roadmap to ensure you can leverage industry best practices to achieve this efficiently.

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Digital Maturity

Revenue Assurance

Open Digital Architecture (ODA)

Open APIs

Information Modelling

Ecosystem Management

Digital Transformation

AI Management

Customer Lifecycle Management

Customer Experience Management

Business Process Modelling

Business Models

Autonomous Operations

Autonomous Networks

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

CourseSkill PathODF MappingMore detailsAdditional Language
Awareness level
Managing and Measuring Autonomy (MAMA) Awareness
The architectural framework to realize business value with automation and autonomy.
Deployment & runtimeLearn More
Digital Twin for Decision Intelligence (DT4DI) Awareness
How to leverage advanced Decision Intelligence, Digital Twin, and AI for knowledge-driven success.
Deployment & runtimeLearn More
Managing Digital Transformation with ODF
An initial view of the pivotal role ODF assets play in planning, implementing and managing a successful digital transformation.
ImplementationLearn More
ODA Components Awareness
Understand the key software components enabling interoperability and standard deployment for cloud-native digital services.
ImplementationLearn More
Information Framework Awareness
Explore TM Forum's Information Framework, its role in business object relationships, and how it fits within ODA.
Information SystemsLearn More
Functional Framework Awareness
Introduction to the Functional Framework in telecom operations, its scope, benefits, and relationship to ODA.
Information, Open API, ODA System
Information SystemsLearn More
Open API Awareness
A high-level overview of Open APIs and how to leverage them to enhance business operations.
Open API, ODA System
ImplementationLearn More
Business Process Framework (eTOM) Awareness
A high-level overview of the Business Process Framework and how it is used to optimize business operations.
BusinessLearn More
AI and Customer Experience Awareness
Discover the power of AI in enhancing customer experience.
Deployment & runtimeLearn More
Open Digital Framework Awareness
A non-technical, high-level introduction to the architecture and set of best practices for digital service providers.
Business Process, Information, Open API, ODA Component Developer, ODA System, Ecosystem Partner, Customer Experience, DMM Project, Revenue Assurance Business Modeler
ImplementationLearn More
ODA Canvas Awareness
Streamlining digital architecture design and management with ODA Canvas.
ImplementationLearn More
Overview level
AI and Automation Overview – Deploying in ODA
Gain a solid foundation in managing AI implementations in telecoms and how it aligns with the ODA.
Deployment & runtimeLearn More
Open Digital Framework Overview
Learn the principles and building blocks of the next-generation management architecture for digital service providers.
Business Process, Information, Open API, ODA Component Developer, ODA System, Ecosystem Partner, Customer Experience, DMM Project, Revenue Assurance Business Modeler
ODFLearn More Spanish
Fundamental level
Intent-Driven Autonomous Networks (IDAN) Fundamentals
Master the fundamentals of intent-driven autonomous networks for enhanced network automation and efficiency.
Deployment & runtimeLearn More
Functional Framework Fundamentals
An overview of the Functional Framework with a focus on its scope, structure, and benefits.
ODA Components, ODA System
Information SystemsLearn More
AI operations (AIOps) Fundamentals
Learn the basics of AIOps and its high level of automation in IT and network operations.
Deployment & runtimeLearn More
AI Closed Loop Management Architecture Fundamentals
Understand AI Closed Loop Automation Reference Architecture and key use cases, including Closed Loop Anomaly Detection and Resolution Automation.
Deployment & runtimeLearn More
Revenue Assurance Fundamentals
Build your expertise, exploring the core principles of detecting, investigating, correcting and preventing revenue and cost leakage
Revenue Assurance
Digital experience & trustLearn More
Open API Fundamentals
Learn the key concepts of TM Forum’s suite of Open APIs, get examples of real-world scenarios & begin deploying them
Open API, ODA System
ImplementationLearn More
ODA Components Fundamentals
Learn the building blocks of ODA, the concept, the structure and the business drivers for using ODA Components
ODA Compoments, ODA System
ImplementationLearn More
Information Framework (SID) Fundamentals
Learn to implement TM Forum’s common information model to improve your company’s agility, flexibility and accuracy
Information, Open API, ODA System
Information SystemsLearn More
Application Framework (TAM) Fundamentals
Learn the concepts and principles, structure and application to help re-plan and streamline an application portfolio
ODA System
Information SystemsLearn More Spanish
Digital Maturity & Transformation Fundamentals
Learn the concepts of digital maturity and transformation and get practical guidance on how to plan and execute programs to drive digital transformation
DMM Project
Transformation toolsLearn More
Digital Business Ecosystems Fundamentals
Understand how ecosystems are changing the business world and get an introduction to a methodology to plan, map and model the ecosystem
Ecosystem Partner
BusinessLearn More
Customer Centricity Fundamentals
Discover how to leverage TM Forum’s tools and best practices to transform culture and processes to optimize customer experience
Customer Experience
Transformation tools - Digital experience & trustLearn More
Business Process Framework (eTOM) Fundamentals
Learn a common, business-led approach to rationalize the processes that run your business
Business Process, ODA System
BusinessLearn More Spanish
Practitioner level
ODA Components – Design Practitioner
Get hands-on training on creating an ODA component’s specification.
ODA System
ImplementationLearn More
ODF – Managing the DT Journey Practitioner
Get practical skills for embedding the ODA tools into your digital transformation journey.
ODA System
ODFLearn More
Revenue Assurance Practitioner
Get a practical, hands-on introduction to the tools and techniques for combating revenue assurance issues at each stage of the revenue assurance lifecycle
Revenue Assurance
Digital experience & trustLearn More
Customer Experience Management Practitioner
Learn how to understand and respond to customers’ behavior and intentions using data analytics, omnichannel and metrics.
Customer Experience
Digital experience & trustLearn More
Digital Business Ecosystems Practitioner
Learn how TM Forum’s best practices models, guidelines and blueprints can be used to design and define business ecosystems & managing IoT or digital services projects
Ecosystem Partner
BusinessLearn More
TM Forum Digital Maturity Model Practitioner
Get hands-on training for transformation facilitators implementing digital transformation programs leveraging the TM Forum Digital Maturity Model (DMM)
DMM Project
Transformation toolsLearn More
Open API Practitioner
Get hands-on, in-depth knowledge and practical skills for using, extending, designing and implementing TM Forum Open APIs
Open API
ImplementationLearn More
Information Framework (SID) Practitioner
Get practical guidance in applying, extending and using the Information Framework to transform the information model to a data model
Information SystemsLearn More
Business Process Framework (eTOM) Practitioner
Get advanced guidance for implementing the Business Process Framework, particularly as part of a business process transformation project
Business Process
BusinessLearn More

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